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Playful Puppies

Puppies love to play & if they could stay awake long enough would play all day long! They learn so much through play & it’s a vital part of their growing up process.

So how can you play with your puppy? Well the secret is to not allow the play sessions to become too rough as the only lesson learnt from this by your puppy is that it’s okay to be rough. Now whilst this might seem a great idea at the moment when your puppy is so small & innocent it probably won’t be so appealing when your puppy’s grown up to be a big, strong adult dog.

You also have to consider the fact that your puppy will expect the same level of rough play from other members of the household, not a good idea when it comes to children or perhaps elderly relatives.
I’m not saying that you cannot play with your puppy just that you need to think about not letting it get out of hand.

Choose puppy toys that don’t encourage tugging games as these are simply begging to be pulled & shook. Select toys that require fetching or gently mouthing, the soft, plush puppy toys available on the market are perfect to encourage your puppy to gently mouth. This can be wonderfully comforting to them especially when they’re going through their teething stage, it also gives you an alternative to offer your puppy to persuade them to stop nipping you!

If you’ve more than the one puppy then they’ll look to play together, this is a wonderful way for them to interact with one another & learn valuable lessons regarding how to act around other dogs. Be careful though & watch the play so it doesn’t become too rough, if one of the puppies is more dominant than the others then ensure it doesn’t enforce this by being too rough with the other puppies. It’s only natural for puppies to follow a hierarchy system, they don’t really know what they’re doing or why at such a tender age but there will always be a slightly more dominant one & the pup that likes to be the leader!

Playing with your puppy presents a perfect way to bond together & a great way to introduce some training without your pup even noticing. The basic ‘sit’ command is the best place to begin & this can be done by using a favourite toy or small, puppy treat. Ensure your puppy is focussed on the item in question & slowly raise it over your puppy’s head & moving it backwards going towards the tail, your puppy will slowly naturally go into the sitting position. When he/she does you must praise them & allow them to have the toy or treat straight away.
Remember that playtime with your young puppy involves so much more than simply playing, use the time to train & bond but also remember to make the most of it as your pup won’t stay that way for long at all!  

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