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Photographic Pooches

How is it that you never have your camera handy when your dog decides to pose in the cutest position or have the daftest expression on his/her face? When you have reached for your camera and set it all up the moment has passed and your dog has returned to normal!

Now thankfully the wonderful invention of the digital camera means that we are not spending a small fortune on camera films and the whole process of developing pictures which are short of useless. We can now snap as many pictures as we like until we obtain the perfect one and we do not have to inform anyone how long it actually took to do it!

All cameras, even the modern digital ones, make some sort of noise along the way. It may simply be a small noise to you and I but do not forget your canine chum’s hearing is much more sensitive and tuned in than ours.

The initial step is to ensure your dog is used to the camera, so just start by switching it on a few times throughout the day and not taking any pictures just so your dog can become accustomed to the noise it makes when it starts up. Do nothing else with the camera except switching it on and then off again within five to ten minutes. Then simply place it down somewhere and pay it no more attention for awhile as though it is not at all important to you.

When you have repeated this procedure for a few days move to the next step which is the flash, your dog will probably not be too pleased with you if you flash a bright light in his/her eyes whilst telling him/her to ‘smile’ at the camera!
So you need to allow your dog to observe the flash in action. Just take some pictures in the same area as your dog with the use of the flash, do not make a fuss of your dog as this will only succeed in you making your dog panic even more.

Simply snap away with your camera and if your dog seems to be absolutely fine and is showing no real interest in the camera try and take some shots nearer to him/her. Do not point the camera directly at your dog and take a picture but just take a picture of an object close to your dog so that he/she can see the flash going off.

Now comes the ‘professional photography studio’ bit! Set your background up, by this I mean to make sure you will not be taking a picture of your beautiful dog sat next to your kitchen bin or your mud splattered wall, yes most dog owners possess those gorgeously unique splattered in mud walls! Select a nice spot for your photo and also ensure that your dog will not look as though a plant stand or similar is protruding from his/her head because it is behind them in the shot.

Entice your faithful friend into the prepared position and ask them to sit and wait and then snap away to your heart’s content. It goes without saying that your delightfully patient dog will deserve a tasty reward once you have finished your David Bailey impersonation.

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