Other Furry Friends

Just because you already share your home with other furries doesn’t mean that you can’t also welcome a puppy into your world. You do have to be sensible though. You can’t simply assume that every other animal is going to adore your new bundle of fluff as much as you do!

It might well be that your furries are housed in their cages away from your pooch and that they’ll probably never actually meet nose to nose but you still need to be certain that your puppy isn’t startled by them and begins to lunge at their cage. The best solution with cages is to purchase some sort of partition to place up around the cage. It doesn’t have to be strong as such but just simply something to let your puppy know that crossing that line and moving the partition is wrong.

Many dogs and rabbits can become the best of pals but again be cautious. If you wish to introduce them do so slowly and never leave them alone with one another even if you think they’re great together, it takes a split second for things to go horribly wrong. Pop your bunny in a closed carry case and let your pup and rabbit touch noses and have a good sniff of each other. If this seems to be going well with neither animal displaying any signs of discomfort then open the carry case and stay with your pets to supervise at all times. If there are any indications from either pet of being scared or uncomfortable then stop the introduction immediately and perhaps try again the following day. Don’t be tempted to rush your pets to like one another. Remember it may never happen as not all animals are destined to like each other.

Also, don’t assume that just because your other dog got along with all the pets another one will automatically be exactly the same. Each puppy has a different character and a different approach to life in general.

Some puppies will be easy going and seem to take everything in their stride whilst others will worry and fret about things. If you’re intent on your new addition meeting and greeting with the other furry members of your household then try and consider this when selecting your new canine chum and opt for a placid, calm personality rather than a total live wire!

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