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One or Two?

Many people wonder whether two dogs are better than one and to be honest there is no simple answer to this as it depends on individual circumstances. If you are considering acquiring two puppies at the same time then ensure you think about all the work involved first.

Puppies are a lot of hard work and take considerable time and patience, one little bundle of fluff is hard enough but add another one to the equation and you literally have ‘double trouble’!

You must also think about the cost as you will have double the expense for items such as food, collars, leads, vet’s bills, insurance etc, etc. If you are away on holiday regularly and wish to put your dogs in kennels or leave with a sitter then obviously this will involve paying for the two.

Now there are also many positive sides to owning two canine chums, I think one of the main advantages is companionship for one another as there is nothing quite like watching two dogs running and playing together! When they are left ‘home alone’ they have company too which is good although this can also cause mayhem if you have two like mine, I usually return home to a trail of destruction. There are generally pillows/cushions knocked off the sofa and beds, carpets ruffled up and little tell-tale signs which indicate that chaos has reigned during my absence!

Always think about the timing when you are considering another dog, if you are adding two puppies from the same litter to your family then obviously introducing them to one another is not an issue. If they are two puppies from different litters then try and acquire them at the same time as this way you are bringing them both in to their new home together and you will not have to worry about one having his/her paws firmly under the table yet.

If you are introducing a new puppy to a resident adult dog then this needs to be done carefully so your resident dog does not feel left out and pushed to one side for the new arrival. Always consider your adult dog’s feelings and tend to their needs first this will ensure they remain ‘top-dog’ and still feel as though they are in charge. This rule applies to introducing another adult dog to a resident adult dog too, it is important that your original canine chum still feels that they are important to you.

So there are positive and negative points to owning two dogs and my advice would be to consider your options and think about the work, time and cost of owning the two. It would be far worse to rush out and opt for the two only to discover later on that it is not working out and your latest faithful friend has to be re-homed.

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