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Not just for Summer

When you think of the beach, you instantly think about the long, hot summer months sitting on the soft sand but when you’re a dog owner it’s usually the winter months you look forward to on the beach.

The winter is a quieter time and the perfect time to enjoy some lovely long walks without the crowds of people. Most beaches accept dogs during the winter but obviously still ensure you check first prior to turning up with your excited pooches as there are still a handful of beaches that don’t allow dogs at all.

Even though it’s a quieter time you must still be courteous towards other people. Many dog walkers have the same idea when it comes to beach walking in the winter so don’t automatically assume you’ll have the whole beach to yourself. There will possibly be surfers around and remember not everyone in the world shares your passion for canines! This is so easy to forget when you’re a dog owner yourself it’s easy to assume that every person you meet is going to find your dog as irresistible as you do. Not everyone will appreciate those great big wet and sandy paws leaping up at them.

Always pick up after your dog and don’t just think it’s a quieter season so there’s no need to worry about it, you should clean up after your dog whatever time of the year it is. Most beaches provide doggy bins so there’s no excuse not to clean up.

If you fancy a cliff top walk then always apply some basic commonsense. It’s always nice to let your pooch run off their lead but sometimes it’s simply safer to leave them on, on top of a cliff is probably going to be one of those occasions! It’s never worth the risk of allowing your canine chum to run loose next to the edge of a very steep drop, if your dog’s a ball chaser this could prove to be tricky as certain dogs are not known for their intelligence. If their beloved ball flies over the cliff then it’s more than likely your pooch will follow it and only realising it was a bad idea when there’s actually no ground underneath their paws anymore!     

So always remember the beach isn’t just for visiting throughout the summer months it can be more enjoyable in the winter when it’s quieter and I’m sure if you forget this fact your canine chum will be only too pleased to remind you!