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Non-Coercive Training

As you have probably gathered by now if you are a regular visitor to our website we believe in non-coercive methods of dog training, praising and rewarding your faithful friend is so much better than shouting at your dog.

You gain respect from your canine chum and the best part is that treating your dog with kindness whilst training will result in a positive response.

Dog training should be fun for both the owner and their dog, so many owners take it so seriously that they become stressed out by the whole issue and this shows to their dog, so right from the beginning of the training session there is negativity. If the owner is relaxed and positive they will naturally transfer that energy to their dog.
The point to remember with dogs is the fact that they are such social animals they adore spending time with their owners and interacting with them so the owner needs to tune in on this and simply relax.

Training sessions are better when they are kept short as this way they do not become tedious or stressful and the best time of the day to train is after the dog’s walk because the dog is satisfied and therefore will be feeling calm.

You might be thinking this is all fine and well but does this mean you can never reprimand your dog again? In a word ‘no’ it just means that there are better ways of doing it besides yelling at your dog. In general dogs are sensitive creatures and can pick up on even the smallest alteration in a voice tone which makes it easy for you, there is no need to shout or even pretend to your dog that you are angry. Simply switch from your normal upbeat, positive tone of voice to a slightly lower and more monotone tone.

There is no need to try too hard because a subtle change will be enough for your dog to comprehend that they have done something incorrectly, then as soon as you can revert back to the upbeat, happy tone of your voice. Your dog will soon learn that just by the subtle change in your voice they have completed an action which has not pleased you but then as quickly as your voice tone altered to display displeasure it changed again to show pleasure.

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