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Must Chase

Some dogs seem to be programmed to give chase to anything and everything that moves from the smallest bird to the biggest person, if it so much as flinches it is chased!

Now whilst running after a squirrel is not a great hobby for your dog, let alone the squirrel when your dog decides to move up the ladder and chase bigger running things such as joggers it can prove to be very awkward for you as their owner. You always seem to be apologising and making excuses for your pooch like, ‘he has never done this before I am sorry’ or ‘he is just protecting me and wished to scare you away’.

Dogs are naturally a predatory animal and this means they have an instinct to chase anything that runs away. Now in certain breeds this instinct is a lot stronger which in turn means it will be harder to break the habit, the herding dogs such as Border collies are one of the worse breeds for chasing. They believe they literally have to herd everything in the world from the postman to cars driving down the road, if it is moving it must be herded! Some dogs will never display a tendency to give chase, they might run after a ball but that will probably be about it and even that is just far too energetic for some breeds!

So if you own a dog which is showing its true colours when it comes to chasing then you must take the matter into your hands and offer your dog some training. The problem is even though it may seem quite funny at times when your dog chases things it can prove to be a danger to both your dog and the object it is chasing.

The training sessions need to be conducted in the dog’s home and at a time when there are unlikely to be any distractions. Place your dog on a lead and position him/her by your side then take a ball or any other doggy toy and throw it in front of you both, instruct your dog to ‘leave’ or ‘off’ whichever word you prefer to use. If your dog pulls after the thrown toy then say the word in a firmer voice and pull gently on the lead, this will simply remind your dog that he/she cannot give chase even if they want to.

It is imperative that your dog does not reach the toy otherwise you will be sending mixed messages, they will begin to think that ‘leave’ or ‘off’ actually means ‘fetch’ as they are being allowed to retrieve the toy.

Now when your dog ignores the toy you must reward with a tasty treat and once the command seems to be understood inside the house move outside to the garden and continue the training there, this is to ascertain how your dog responds to you.

When you feel he/she is ready to come off the lead and try the same command enlist the help of a friend and ask them to jog by you whilst you are out and about with your dog, for the moment keep your dog on the lead to see their reaction to the jogger. If they totally ignore them because they have heard your command of ‘leave’ then this is great however if they pull towards the jogger just pull them back on their lead and repeat your chosen word.

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