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Male or Female?

You have selected the breed of dog that you would like to share your life and home with and you have completed the necessary research into the actual breed. The question now is do you choose a male or female puppy / dog?

Now a lot of this particular decision comes down to personal choice but having said that there are certain characteristics that are more common in the male dog and vice versa with the female dog.

You need to weigh up the options and select the sex of dog that you feel would fit into your household better, of course if you already have a resident dog then this needs to be taken into consideration.

In the female dog common traits include being extremely independent. Females do prefer to be in total control of a situation, they will go to their owner when they feel like having some attention lavished on them but when they have had enough they will quickly move away. They tend to be very stubborn. In general within a pack situation the ‘Alpha’ dog is usually a female, they are very quick to respond to challenges.

Female dogs are very territorial and will mark this in the same way as male dogs by scenting with urine. The difference is that once a male dog has been neutered this behaviour will generally stop but with a female she may continue after she has been spayed. They can be reserved and less affectionate than the male dog.

Male dogs tend to be very affectionate toward their owners and this is especially true if their owner happens to be a woman. They become very loyal and protective towards a female owner. They seem to almost crave attention.

They are usually much more exuberant than the females and tend to be slightly more fun-loving and not as serious. The male dog appears to retain a lot of his puppy traits throughout his life where as the female dog seems to lose hers quicker.

Male dogs in general are more attentive than females and tend to be easier to train as they remain much more focussed. They wish to be close to their owners and to always please them.

If you already have a dog in residence and wish to introduce another one to the household then it is always advised to opt for the opposite sex. A male dog will accept a female dog coming into his home better than he will another male. Of course that is not to say that he will not accept another male as all dogs are different but you will need to monitor them carefully as you could observe dominance problems with 2 males.

A female dog will take to a male dog entering her home due to the fact that most males will display submissive behaviour and if he does not challenge her then they will cope well together.

The worst mixture is 2 female dogs as there is a higher chance that they will fight with each other.

Of course these are the ‘general’ rules as each and every dog is an individual with a different character to the next. I own a female dog that is so affectionate it is untrue! My male dog is the ‘boss’ and the female accepts this.

The one fact that does ring true is the loyalty displayed by my male dog, he is my shadow and my protector and if he senses any danger he will always place himself in front of me.

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