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Live Wires

There are certain breeds throughout the canine world which are regarded as the complete speed freaks of the doggy domain, the nutters and the slightly wired pooches! These breeds are best avoided if you would like to remain sane as spending too much time with them will, I assure you, drive you mad!

Springer spaniels, Border collies, Huskies, Jack Russell’s and Dalmatians are the main contenders for the biggest live wire going amongst the breeds.

These are the dogs you take out for a 10 mile hike over hills and through valleys and they come back and want to play or go for another walk immediately, they never seem to tire and you can never seem to exhaust their endless supply of energy.

Some dogs are quite delicate when it comes to the state of the outdoor conditions, they do not appreciate going out if it involves their paws becoming wet or if it is slightly too cold for them. The weather has to be just about perfect for them to venture out in. This is not the case for our ‘live wire’ competitors, quite the opposite actually, it does not matter if a hurricane is blowing up outside they still want to be out in it. Come rain or shine you will find these breeds out and about.

The problem with these dogs is their intelligence, not lack of it but rather too much of it! They know when you even as much as take a step towards the welly boot cupboard it means they are going out, not that you possibly have other items stored in the same cupboard that you might be reaching for as that would be a silly idea. You are pretty much on the planet to serve these breeds, your every waking minute is for them, walking, playing, entertaining, grooming etc, etc.

On walks during the winter months do not expect them to simply avoid the muddy puddles, expect them to purposely find them and make the most of them when they do! They are like little mud magnets.

So if you are looking for a relatively easy canine companion then I would strongly advise you to stay clear of the live wire breeds as they are anything but easy, however that said if you are looking for a dog to keep you on your toes and one that never stops then perhaps one of these breeds would suit you.

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