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People have different lifestyles and various careers and jobs from lawyers to postmen, we also live in an array of different varieties of homes from mansions to tents. When you consider the way we live as humans are we really that different to our canine companions?

Dogs do not have a general lifestyle as a whole, quite the opposite as they all have their individual lives and tend to live them very differently from each other. There are those pampered pooches owned by millionaires which never have to lift a paw for anything and only consume the very best food.

The other end of the scale sees the dogs which live rough on the streets with their owners perhaps not even knowing where their next meal will come from. Then you have your farm dogs, up at the crack of dawn and working hard most of the day with the farmer rounding up the sheep or cattle. Most of these dogs will sleep in a barn or downstairs and will not look for anything different, they do not feel hard done by because they have simply never known any other way of life.

You would not find a pampered pooch dealing with the outdoor lifestyle very well just as you would not discover a working farm dog adapting to the pampered way of life well.
If you took a hardworking farm dog and placed it in Alaska to work with the sled dogs it would not cope because it has not been raised or trained into that particular lifestyle, the sled dogs literally fall to sleep on the ice and snow that they work on. So although the farm dog is essentially a working dog just as the sled dogs are there is a vast difference between their individual lives.

Guide dogs and dogs for the disabled are again termed as working dogs as are the brave search and rescue dogs. They are trained, very often from puppyhood, to carry out their various roles. There are even specific dogs working in bomb disposal units as they are employed to sniff out dangerous items and dogs trained to detect drugs.

Police dogs work alongside their handlers/owners chasing criminals and searching crime scenes. Gundogs also work alongside their handlers flushing birds out from the bushes and then retrieving when required.

Then we arrive at the humble pet dog which most of us have sharing our lives each and every day. The dog which we have to climb over when he/she is stretched across our route, well we would not think of asking our dog to move now would we? the dog which sleeps peacefully each and every night with us on or in our beds.

To be honest our pet dogs are often more pampered than the dogs sharing a millionaire’s life but in a different way, they may not eat the best and most expensive food going or reside in a mansion or parade around wearing the latest diamond studded collar. The point is though that they are happy dogs, playing in the mud, rolling in something smelly, tearing around their home at 100mph and basically living life to the full as dogs should with a wag of their tail.

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