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The thought of their beloved canine friend going into kennels is just too much for some dog owners, they would rather never take a vacation than leave their pooch behind in kennels.
There are alternatives available such as leaving your dog with family or friends but this option is not open to everyone. Your family members may not feel quite the same way as you do about ‘Rover’ jumping all over their bed first thing in the morning. Those muddy paw prints that you just simply shrug your shoulders about and wipe up probably will not go down as easily with other people.

You could enlist the help of a pet sitter to look after your dog. This option is okay but it does involve a lot of trust on your part. The sitters are all checked scrupulously before they are taken on by the sitter companies but you might still have an element of doubt.

Many people offer dog kennels with a difference these days. The dog basically resides with them in their own house as one of the family, there are no kennels to worry about this way but you will need to ensure that your dog is going to ‘warm’ to the family concerned. Let them meet several times before your holiday and allow the sitter to walk your dog a few times.

You can stipulate the rules, after all it is your dog that they will be looking after at the end of the day. If you would prefer them to keep ‘Rover’ on a lead on his walks then you must state this to them. They will ask you the temperament of your dog and how they react to other strange dogs. You can also insist if you wish for your dog to be the only one in their care at the time.

Dog kennels today have altered considerably; they are not the cold, stone buildings that they once were. If you are thinking about regular kennels then visit some first and obtain a ‘feel’ for them, talk to the staff and have a look around. If they do not permit you to look around then I would advise that you leave as they should show no hesitation and have nothing to hide.

When you find a dog kennel that you like just book your dog in for a couple nights stay, do this whilst you are still at home. This will then give you an indication of how it will be and show you how your pooch reacts.

If you can start leaving your dog in kennels whilst they are still relatively young it will help in the long run as they will grow accustomed to the procedure that much quicker.

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