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Jumping Puppies

A cute puppy jumping up is usually considered to be acceptable behaviour mainly because a puppy is small and adorable, when the same puppy grows up to be an adult dog all of sudden the same behaviour is considered to be naughty and wrong.
Now how is the adult version of the once cute puppy supposed to understand that now he/she cannot jump up? The trick is to teach your puppy not to jump up whilst it is exactly that, a puppy. You are only going to confuse the issue if you do not teach them whilst they are young.

There are numerous reasons for not permitting puppies and dogs to jump up. It is easy for them to injure themselves if they happen to jump wrong and twist their backs or fall, they could injure you or someone else by knocking you over and they could definitely injure a child. Now it is one thing to say that your puppy requires training but another to actually follow through with that training.

The initial thing to do is to show your puppy that you disapprove of them jumping up at you and this needs you to condition your mind and learn how to ‘switch off’ for the duration that your pup is jumping up. Every owner loves to see their puppy happy and there is nothing quite like the welcome you receive from a canine when you return home whether it is a puppy or an adult dog. There are not that many people who could give you the same sort of welcome!

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