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Introducing a new puppy

When you get a new puppy it can be stressful. We tend to worry about our other animals and the new, much smaller one. Will they get along? Will the puppy feel at home and happy? With a few small techniques, chances are you can answer all of these questions positively. You can’t buy a new dog when you are rushed or have limited time to help him or her become familiar with the new home.
The first thing you should do is make arrangements so that someone else can take you to pick up the new puppy. This will give you some time to introduce yourself to the new puppy in the car. They will be frightened but will realize you are trying to comfort them and you are friendly. This is the perfect time for a good bonding session with the new edition to the family.

Make sure you wear a sweater or jacket that has the smell of your other pets on it. Go out to pet them before you leave to pick up the new puppy. Some people might wonder about this, but it’s something I’ve tried before and think it’s a wonderful idea! While you are bonding with the new puppy in the car, petting him and giving him a lot of love and attention, he will smell the other animals and become familiar with them in a way.

When you get home, it’s important to keep your other dogs in a designated area, away from the new puppy for the first half hour to an hour. Let the new puppy walk around inside the house. They need to smell and check out all the rooms, corners and spots so they become familiar with the surroundings and the smell. They should be comfortable before you let the other dogs in. If you have big, angry dogs and you are scared of their reaction, put the puppy in a crate that has proper ventilation holes and then let your dogs in. They will all get the chance to smell the new puppy and say hello, but the crate will prevent any potential fights.

When you are confident that they are happy with each other, let your puppy out of the crate. Remember to still show affection to all of the dogs around you to avoid any one of them feeling jealous or left out. Dogs are a lot like children in this regard, they can pick up on things very easily.

You might feel happy to let them play together, but try to supervise them for the first few days. Just to ensure you don’t miss any signs that one of them might not be very happy. Spending time with them and playing along will make them trust each other, because they will see you trusting all of them.

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