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If communication fails…

There will always be occasions when your dog just appears to listen to nobody, quite happily doing its own thing and generally running amok. When this occurs you, as the owner, have to be seen, by your dog, to take control.

Issues that arise with your dog require instantaneous action to be taken; it is no good if your dog is misbehaving right now and you reprimand him/her in a few hours when you have more time to deal with the problem.

The same as it is not acceptable if your dog soils in the house or chews an item whilst you are out and you return to discover what has happened. You must not punish your dog now, just because it happens to be now that you have found what has occurred; the simple truth of the matter is that your dog will not comprehend what he/she is being punished for. When you reprimand it needs to be done instantly, so that your dog will relate the punishment to the occurrence.

A rule to remember is to never lose your cool, never become hysterical towards your dog. This will only confuse him/her and could push your dog into becoming aggressive if they observe you in a distraught state. So stay calm, but remain firm with your dog, if the ‘no’ that you are saying appears to be ignored then maybe say it slightly louder, do not shout, just raise your voice ever so slightly.

If all else fails for me and my dogs just seem to treat me as though I am invisible, I find the word ‘now’ always works. Not bellowed out but said slightly firmer than the ‘no’s’ and in a deeper tone.

The main point is that you do not wish to instil fear into your dog, especially not fear towards you. You need to gain respect from your dog not through fear but through he/she wishing to please you and making you happy.

There should never be the need to smack or hit your dog; if you have gained total respect then your dog should wish to please you and not anger you at all. The control should be within your voice range; a simple word such as ‘no’ can be developed into quite a fierce sounding word. You can emphasize your words without ever needing to shout them, be firm but fair; a dog performing commands whilst cowering from you with their tail between their legs is a pitiful vision.

If you ever have the opportunity to watch a dog show, observe the dogs when they are obeying their owners. Ears pricked, alert and waiting for that command to arrive with baited breath. The owners/handlers have gained respect from their dogs and the dog’s only wish is to fulfil their owner’s orders, they want them to be pleased with them.

There is nothing quite like the pure delight of a dog when it has completed an agility/obedience round well and their handler is so pleased with them; they literally wriggle with pleasure, it is lovely to see.

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