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Every dog owner’s nightmare is losing their puppy / dog. Owners can take precautions but sometimes accidents occur and dogs do escape from the garden or run off after a squirrel on a walk.
It is a legal requirement that your puppy / dog wears an identification tag on their collar when out and about. Some owners have their telephone number engraved and that it is all and some will also include the dog’s name.

There are mixed views and opinions regarding the dog’s name being added onto the disc. The concern is that if someone has taken your dog they can quickly befriend it once they have learnt the name. There were reports back along about people taking dogs, not just dogs’ cats too, and then phoning the family and saying that they had found their pet and were they offering a reward for their safe return.

The identity tags are not fool proof though, they can come off fairly easily if the dog’s collar is caught for instance whilst running through the woods.

Micro chipping your puppy / dog is the best thing that you can do. Puppies can be micro chipped from 6 weeks old but the process does involve a fairly large needle and some vets will advise people to wait as it can cause discomfort to small puppies.

Some vets prefer to carry out the micro chipping when the dog is under anaesthetic perhaps when they are neutered or spayed. The brilliant point with micro chipping is that the chip goes underneath the dog’s skin and all their owners details are then logged onto a database.

When a dog is found a scanner is passed over the dogs neck to check if they have a chip, if they do then the scanner reads all the information needed to contact the dog’s owners. There are approximately over 3,000 scanners within the country at various types of locations. Your local dog warden will carry one, rescue centres have them, vets have them and even the police have them.

The whole process is very quick and the chip is about the size of a grain of rice. Once the chip is inserted it cannot move around or be spotted. It is inserted into the back of the dog’s neck between their shoulder blades.

Each time you take your puppy / dog to the vets for their annual injections ask the vet to read the chip as this just confirms that everything is working as it should be and that the chip is okay.

Micro chipping really is the best way to identify your dog quickly and to find out who the owners are. Unlike tags on collars the chip cannot come off and be lost.

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