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When dogs undergo a surgical procedure their vet will occasionally recommend that they partake in hydrotherapy as part of their individual healing process. This can also happen if a dog experiences hip dysplasia or has suffered an injury but the problem cannot be ‘fixed’ through surgery.

The general rehabilitation can be assisted with the careful introduction of hydrotherapy it has certain effects on the dog’s body tissues including relieving pain and swelling, improving the blood’s circulation, helping the joints to move freely and hydrotherapy can also stop painful muscle spasms.

When a dog swims the natural buoyancy of the water helps them tremendously because although the majority of the dog’s muscles are still used, as they are during the same movement on land, they do not have to endure any stress which is generally caused through exercising on land. Another advantage with hydrotherapy is that due to the natural resistance caused by the water any movement is harder in the pool than it is on the land so the dog’s muscles receive a wonderful workout without receiving any of the stress.

If the dog is experiencing pain due to bearing their weight on a damaged limb the water will work wonders instantly because the dog’s weight will be carried by the water, and whilst they may not have been able to possess full movement in the limb on land they will be able to stretch it and move it in the water.

The lovely warm water used in the hydrotherapy pool will aid the dog’s blood circulation to the muscles, this in turn will increase the oxygen and the nutrients but also rid any items of waste. This action will lead to the dog’s muscles relaxing and will aid any stiffness in the joints.

Most dogs do enjoy swimming therefore a course of hydrotherapy should not be an issue to them, if you like you can accompany your faithful friend and most establishments will permit you to either sit beside the pool or some will allow you to actually enter the water with your dog, if they feel it will help to calm them down if they are feeling slightly stressed by the situation. All in all hydrotherapy is a truly relaxing and positive experience for both dog and owner.

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