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How to Prevent Excessive Puppy Shedding

Shedding is the natural process of hair loss in puppies and dogs. It is a natural the process of eliminating dead hair. The shedding process allows the new coat to come in to replace the old fur with a healthier one. Dogs and cats shed at least once a year.

Aside from being a natural process, shedding may also happen because of some other reasons. A sudden or major change of temperature where the puppy is staying may cause excessive shedding. Shedding also varies from one breed to another. There are breeds of cats and puppy breeds with double coats which mean more hair or fur to replace. There are also breeds that shed profusely.

No matter how you love your pet, anyone will find it very tiring to clean unwanted pet hairs every now and then, especially when they are scattered all over the place. Fortunately, there are different ways available to prevent excessive shedding of your puppy.

Regular brushing maintains the healthy coat of your puppy. The healthier their fur is, the less possibility of excessive shedding. Remember, brushing is different from combing. Shampooing your pet’s fur regularly can also help prevent unwanted hairs from falling vigorously.

Health problems of your puppy may also cause excessive shedding. “You are what you eat” also applies to your pet. A puppy’s fur can greatly reflect the kind of diet and the food he eats. As owners, you have to make sure that your pet is eating the right foods. Right foods are healthy foods which are high in fatty acids, omega-3 and protein. These substances are important when it comes to maintaining your pet’s healthy coat. Pick foods that are high in these substances, but low in starch. You also have to make your pet drink plenty amount of water. Water helps them digest their food properly and assist their system to function normally. Like for humans, water is a very effective cleansing substance for their system against radicals and harmful substances. You can also include vegetable meals in your pet’s diet.

Aside from maintaining their diet and giving your puppy healthy foods, it is also important that you keep their sleep mat clean. Parasites may be  present in the place where they sleep without you being aware of it. It is recommended to wash their bedding regularly to prevent your pet from getting skin infections, allergies, irritations that are caused by different parasitic activity. As an owner, you also have to make sure that your dog is drinking water and eating food from a clean bowl.

If your puppy is shedding more than normal usual you have to contact a veterinarian for professional advice. There are also medications you can give your pet for supplements to prevent excessive shedding while maintaining a healthy and nice coat.

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