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Household Dangers

There are many products around a normal household that can prove to be potentially dangerous to your dog.

Dogs can be very nosey and they often enjoy being in the thick of things but you must be careful and vigilant at all times when it comes to leaving certain items around.

Each winter antifreeze kills a number of dogs. The problem is that to your dog it appears very tempting as it smells and tastes extremely sweet to them. Antifreeze is however toxic and you must ensure that you keep it well out of your dog’s reach. If you think that your canine friend may have ingested any then my advice would be to take him / her to the vet immediately do not wait just to check that they have because that loss of valuable time could be the big difference between your dog living or dying.

Chocolate might be delicious to you and I and it probably is to your dog but it contains an ingredient called ‘obromine’ and it is this that is dangerous to your dog.

The worse kinds of chocolate are baking and dark, generally your dog would have to consume a big amount for it to actually kill them but it has been known for smaller pieces of chocolate to prove fatal.

Symptoms that point to chocolate poisoning include diarrhoea, sickness, increased activity and the need to relieve themselves a lot more frequently.

There is special canine chocolate available on the market such as ‘Good Boy’ whom have a whole range of chocolate goodies including chocolate drops, bones and biscuits. If you wish to give your dog a chocolaty treat then please stick to the proper dog variety.

Fabric softeners are another dangerous product to dogs and must be kept out of their way at all times.

There are many other items that are considered to be dangerous to our dogs, just be highly vigilant and if you ever suspect that they have consumed a dangerous product then seek veterinary help immediately.

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