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Hot Dogs

I am going to be completely optimistic now and say that the rain outside my window will shortly turn to brilliant sunshine and that we will actually experience a summer, when we do it is important that we remember our faithful friends need to keep cool as much as we do.

There are numerous ways to help your canine chum remain calm and cool during those hot summer days. The initial one which we are reminded of on a regular basis and have no excuses to forget is do not leave your dog in a car during the summer months, even on an overcast day the temperature will still be high and deadly to your dog.

Many of us become used to the idea during the colder days throughout the winter of perhaps popping into the supermarket quickly on the way home from a walk and just picking up a couple of bits. Now leaving your dog alone in the car on a cold day is fine as long as you leave a window ajar and do not take too long of course. In the summer the rules change and your dog should not be left, not even for a quick 5 minutes. Do not assume that parking in a shaded spot will help as it will not due to the air temperature still being high.

Ensure you only walk your dog during the cooler times of the day, mornings and evenings. This way at least your dog can enjoy running and playing without the risk of becoming too hot, if you have absolutely no other option other than a walk at a warmer time then keep it short and off lead exercise down to a minimum.

Always provide fresh drinking water at home and take some with you on your walk, even at the cooler times. There are numerous soft, folding water bowls available on the market these days and all you need is a small amount of water just to refresh your dog. If you can include a babbling stream on your walk then brilliant but not all dog owners are lucky enough to be able to do this on a daily basis.

Make sure there is a shaded area for your dog if he/she likes to sit outside in the garden and pop a bowl of water in the shade outside.

Protect your dog from the dangers of sunburn by rubbing a small amount of sun block on their nose and ears; this is more important if you have a lighter coloured dog.

Basically many of the points mentioned within this article are common sense to be honest, enjoy the summer months with your dog but always be aware of the sun’s heat.

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