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Home Safety for Puppies

Bringing home a new puppy is a very enjoyable experience.   However, owners should realize that our house should be set for their arrival as well.  It means that it should be safe for our puppies to move around. Puppy proofing our homes is not as complicated as it looks. Keeping some important things in mind will make this task easier benefiting us and our pets in the long run.

Home equipment like the refrigerator, dishwasher and stove are the most common places puppies like to explore inside the house. For this reason, these appliances should be kept close at all times. Be careful though; make sure that your puppy is not inside before closing them.

Barricades like baby gates can be used to make your puppy stay away from the places where he is not allowed to go. As for example the kitchen, these gates can prevent him from getting burned or stepped on. X-pen or Cratetraining can also be used to keep him in one place when you are not around to watch over him.

Electrical wires should be kept hidden in the walls or the floors. We all know that it’s in the puppy’s nature to chew everything they can. Keeping these wires hidden can prevent them from getting into an accident.

Your puppy should not be anywhere near the swimming pool especially if no one is around to watch over him. Try to make him stay in a safe place inside the house if you need to go somewhere or better yet let him come with you if possible.

Babies and puppies should be taught on how to treat each other gently. Training them to be good with one another can keep them safe. Chemicals should also be hidden as well as other sharp objects inside the house for added safety.

Keeping your puppies safe and sound inside the house is your responsibility. It is not a difficult task to be afraid of. Keeping the things in mind mentioned above can also benefit you by having a peaceful and safety life together with your pet. Less worries more quality time for you and your new puppy.

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