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History of Saint Bernard Dogs

BEET-HOVEN!! Who is not familiar with this name? It was 1992, when Beethoven the movie was televised in America. Since then Saint Bernard dogs (Beethoven’s breed) has been one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Saint Bernard dogs are the descendants of mastiff style Asiatic dogs brought by Romans. The first Saint Bernard puppies and dogs were acquired by the monks of Great St. Bernard Hospice between the year 1660 and 1670. The monks keep these dogs with them as they walk along St. Bernard Pass, a 49 mile dangerous, snowy route through the Alps dividing Switzerland and Italy.

Before Beethoven the Saint Bernard dog drooled a lot on the big screen and has debuted as a famous artist, these dogs are known for saving lives. For almost 200 years, Saint Bernard dogs have saved more than a thousand of people from the death brought by the dangerous mountain pass. Saint Bernard dogs are legendary for its numerous mountain rescues. In fact, Barry’s body, a Saint Bernard dog that saved more than 40 lives was put at the Natural History Museum in Berne, Switzerland for exhibit since 1815 until today.

Year 1816 and 1818 was sad for Saint Bernard dogs. The winter snowstorms have killed a number of Saint Bernard dogs in avalanches while rescuing soldiers. As a result, this breed has become extinct until the breed has been replenished by the breeds from nearby valleys two years later. Because of cross breeding, domestic breeds of Saint Bernard dogs are now in existence.

Writings about Saint Bernard are mostly about their size. Their coats are white with red-brown patches. The saying “there is more of something than red dogs” has truly been observed in the existence of Saint Bernard dogs.

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