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High Energy Dogs

Many novice dog owners innocently think that all breeds of dogs are the same when it comes to their energy levels, not quite true I’m afraid. They vary enormously from your couch potato dogs to your speed freak dogs; it’s the second group this article is going to look at.

There are several different breeds that fit into the ‘high energy’ group of dogs. These are dogs who don’t know when to sit still or rest, dogs that would be on the go literally all day & night given half a chance. Their minds are always thinking & planning their next move & the spooky thing is they’re also thinking about what you’re going to do next! These dogs are generally a step in front of you & guess your every move.

The main speed freaks of the canine world are Border Collies & Springer Spaniels closely followed by Jack Russell’s, these are breeds that love to run & then run some more! They are all clever breeds too & will always try to outwit their owners. These dogs never seem to tire & are at their happiest chasing a ball or foraging around in the undergrowth.

Huskies & Malamutes are also high-energy breeds, not so much speed freaks as such but certainly high energy. These particular dogs can also be very strong-minded & require a kind but firm owner when it comes to their training, they like to be in charge & rule the household but this is something you must control from the beginning. If you don’t you’ll be left with a bossy dog not listening to anything you say!

One of the breeds that seem to be one of the most misinterpreted when it comes to exercise is the Greyhound. It’s often thought of as a flat-out running machine but they’re actually couch potatoes! Greyhounds have spurts of energy & then enjoy simply plodding along by their owner’s side on a gentle walk, they’ll zoom after a ball once or twice and that’s about it! They then need to rest & take it easy! They’re a very lovable & affectionate breed.

If you do opt for one of the higher energy breeds ensure you yourself have the energy to keep up with its exercise demands. These breeds require the minimum of an hour to two hours walk on a daily basis with most of that being off lead exercise; it’s not so much the distance you have to cover as don’t forget your dog will be covering twice as much ground as you anyway, but the quality of your walk. Try to offer your pooch some variety if you can by visiting different locations, woodlands, fields or even beaches are all doggy favourites.

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