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Health Checks

Your puppy or adult dog will receive all the normal, regular health check-ups from the vet but there are some certain checks you can do yourself at home, try and fix a routine and do them monthly.
Check the nose to ensure that it has no discharge or that it does not have a lot of dried crustiness on it as this could be an indication that there has been a significant amount of discharge from it. Your dog’s eyes should be bright and crystal clear with no discharge, if you notice that they appear to be red or sore then you should consult your dog’s vet.

The ears should always be clean and completely free of any wax, there should not be any smell present at all. If your canine pal is shaking his / her head frequently then it could indicate either an infection or a foreign body trapped in the ear, perhaps a grass seed or similar. If you ever notice a smell around your dog’s ears then this could be a sign of an infection, you need to consult your vet immediately as ear infections can prove to be nasty for your dog.

Clip your dog’s claws regularly so they do not curl underneath and cause pain. They will stay worn down if you walk your dog on a daily basis on the concrete, if you are not too certain about clipping claws then your vet or dog groomer will be only too happy to advise you.

If your dog happens to have bad breath then this could point to a number of different problems. It could be a digestive problem or a dental one. A dog’s teeth should ideally be clean and white and the gums should be pink. If you can clean your dogs teeth from an early age then all the better but if you find it impossible, and trust me some of the little darlings do not make it an easy task, then try your pooch with a daily dental product.

Your dog’s coat should be shiny and there should not be any signs of dandruff or patches of red skin underneath their coat.

Just carrying out these quick and simple health checks at home will ensure that everything is okay with your dog and if there is a problem, finding it early on through completing regular check-ups is a huge advantage.

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