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Head Collars

Over the last few years the head collar has turned into a very popular training aid for owners, people used to frown upon them as much as they do muzzles. The gentle leader and the halti are the most popular ones but there are other ones available.
The gentle leader has been found to be easier to fit than the halti, dog owners have discovered that putting a halti on their dog involves first gaining a degree! The gentle leader also has another big advantage and that is it also fastens around the dog’s neck so if by chance your dog does manage to wriggle free, and let us face it most dogs are little Houdini’s, you will have the extra security of knowing that he/she will still be wearing a collar.

The halti does offer slightly better control of your dog though and is especially favoured by people working with aggressive dogs, they also work well for strong dogs and those who like to pull their owner along the street at 200mph! They offer a confidence boost to owners as they immediately feel more in control of their dog, the big advantage for your dog is that the head collar is not like a normal collar and lead and your dog does not have to endure being half choked by the collar around his/her neck.

Most of the head collars have the attachment for the dog’s lead underneath the chin so when the dog is being walked it is being led and guided gently from the head, the same way that a horse is walked.

The head collars should not be used as a replacement for training your dog, some owners feel that as soon as a head collar is placed on their dog that it signals the end of any training and that their dog is miraculously cured. The head collar must be used in conjunction with your dog’s training; this is why they are called ‘training aids’ as they are designed to aid training and not to be a quick fix solution.

When you initially use a head collar on your dog you will probably experience your dog pawing at it to try and remove it, the best course of action you can adopt is to just keep walking and ignore the behaviour completely. The more you fuss your dog and show him/her attention the more the behaviour will happen. Just make sure that the head collar fits well and this is not the reason behind the pawing because it is cutting in somewhere.

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