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Have Dog, Will Travel

So with the summer months approaching fast our thoughts turn to our holidays and more and more people these days like to take their faithful dog with them, but what if you like to go abroad?
Well nowadays it is possible to obtain a pet passport so your pooch can travel with you to foreign climates. The Pets Travel Scheme, PETS for short, permits dogs to travel with their human companions to a lot of the European countries and also to Scandinavia. Upon returning to the UK your faithful friend will not have to endure quarantine.

To be able to actually qualify to be exempt from the quarantine rules and regulations though you will have to meet some very strict conditions first, your best option is to plan way ahead of the time you wish to take your dog out of the UK as there is a lot to think about.

Your dog must be at least 3 months old and have a microchip implanted. Dogs must receive rabies vaccinations and also then receive the regular booster rabies vaccinations. You have to wait for the minimum time of 30 days after the initial rabies injection and then return to the vet for your dog to have its blood tested. The test is to show that the rabies vaccination has worked successfully.

If the blood test displays a failure your dog will need to be vaccinated again and then receive another blood test.

When your dog has been tested and it is proved that the rabies injection is positive and has worked successfully then your dog is permitted to enter the UK again after its holiday. You do have to wait a duration of 6 months though after your dog gave its blood sample before they can re-enter the UK. The most sensible option is to begin all the vaccinations and looking into the paperwork requirements a year before you intend to go abroad.

Once the blood test has proved to be a success your must receive a health certificate from the vet.

Please ensure that you check exactly what paperwork is required for your dog to be allowed re-entry back into the UK because otherwise you could face the devastating news that your dog has to spend 6 months in quarantine.

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