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Happy Dogs

If you are a dog owner there are few sights which delight you as much as observing the pure happiness that seems to run through the whole of your dog’s body when you return home, and the thing is if you did not look after your faithful friend as well as you do then they would not be so pleased to see you home. You should view their display of joy as a big pat on the back for all your loving care.

Now if you are thinking about owning a dog you might well ask how you go about receiving the devotion and love from them, what exactly do you need to do to gain your dog’s respect and admiration?

Well there are certain key elements concerned with owning a dog which must be carried out if you wish to keep your dog healthy and happy. The basics are to provide your pooch with the essentials such as food and water, the water requires changing regularly throughout the day ensuring that there is always fresh water down for your dog prior to you going out and before you go to bed.

Also when you are out and about with your dog in the hot weather always remember to take some fresh water with you, there are several different travel containers and fold-up water bowls available these days that make the task of transporting your dog’s water supply with you an easier job. Provide your dog with a good quality food and feed him/her the correct quantities, do not feed your dog lots of treats or meals cooked for their human companions. Purchase a selection of ‘doggy’ treats for training purposes and feed them wisely and whilst we are on the subject of training always treat your dog with kindness and train using a non-coercive method of training.

Ensure you take the time to choose a reputable vet for your dog. Do not be afraid to visit some surgeries, even without a pet in tow, just to observe general points such as their customer care and standard of cleanliness.

Exercise your dog on a daily basis even if you can only manage 30 minutes at your local park before work and perhaps longer at the end of the day, it is vital that your dog receives the correct amount of exercise to keep him/her healthy. There are so many fun activities that your dog can join you in such as jogging, cycling and hiking.

Take the time to share your dog’s world by spending precious time with him/her, do not be in too much of a rush that you cannot spare the time to simply sit and pet your faithful friend. When you take the time for the simpler tasks like this your dog will truly appreciate you and this is all helps you to bond and for you to gain the love and devotion which we ‘spoke’ about earlier.

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