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Just as dogs come in all different shapes and sizes they also come with all different types of coats. There are breeds with extra long hair such as the glorious Afghan hound, breeds with medium length hair like the Border collie and then breeds with short hair such as Beagles.
There are even a few breeds of dog that possess absolutely no hair at all such as the little Chinese crested dog and the Mexican hairless dog, these are perfect if you happen to be allergic to fur. They are also superb if you wish to have a dog that desires the minimum of grooming!

Now cats will sit happily washing and grooming for what seems like hours, dogs however do not participate in the same habit. It is in the hands of the owner when it comes to grooming the family dog. Cats seem to be concerned about the way they look and dogs do not seem to be at all bothered about their appearance, they seem to be at their happiest point in life when they have rolled in something unmentionable and look and smell awful!

You can take your lovable, scruffy looking canine chum along to a professional dog groomer if you prefer and let them deal with your pooch. They do not generally charge that much and offer a good service. Your untidy dog comes out looking preened and ready to go.

There are even mobile dog grooming services these days. They will arrive at your home and collect your dog from you, some will groom them there and then outside in their van or they will be taken to a salon and returned to your door looking like a new dog!

Of course for various reasons this option does not suit everyone and many owners prefer to groom their dogs themselves. All dogs require grooming to different degrees. The breeds with dense undercoats will need a weekly comb out to remove all the dead hair / fur.

The shorter haired breeds still need to be brushed and rubbed down as this helps to give their coats a wonderful shine.

You can purchase an array of doggy shampoos and should try to bathe your dog approximately every few months or so. It is recommended that it is not done more frequently as this can cause your dog’s coat to lose some of the essential oils and could lead to the skin becoming irritated through too much washing.

When grooming your dog remember to also check the eyes, ears, teeth and claws just to ensure that there are no visible problems existing.

If you look after your dog’s grooming needs their coat should stay in great condition and your hard work will be worth it as you should feel proud of the way your dog looks.

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