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Good Manners

When dogs are destined for a life either in the world of dog shows or working in the community they very often have to prove that they can display good manners and their owners must show they can maintain total control of their faithful friend.

Both the owner and the dog are put through a series of tests by an evaluator; this is a person who has never been seen before by the dog or the owner. The initial test is to ascertain the dog’s behaviour when the evaluator approaches their owner, remember this person is a complete stranger. They will talk to the owner whilst totally ignoring the dog as this will allow them to observe the dog’s acceptance towards a friendly stranger.

The next part shows how the dog reacts when petted by a stranger because if he/she will be working around the public they should be able to accept a stranger talking to them and petting them.

Now the evaluator will groom the dog and also carry out an examination, the dog needs to become accustomed to this sensation as vets, groomers and show judges will all wish to examine the dog. The evaluator will observe the dog’s general appearance to check if they are clean and well groomed, they should also look healthy and happy.

The paws will be lifted one at a time and the length of the claws will be noted, then the dog will be groomed by the evaluator and the ears will be thoroughly checked over.

How well can you control your dog on a loose lead? Most dog owners feel more in control of their dogs when they are on a short lead as they are positioned naturally closer to them, for an owner to demonstrate control whilst the dog is on a loose lead is a testament to their hard work and training as it is no easy task.

The evaluator will be looking for the dog to be responsive and attentive to any commands given by the owner, they will be asked to complete numerous changes of direction during the assessment to observe the response time of the dog. The owner is permitted to speak to and praise their dog during this test. Next comes the ‘crowd’ test, this is designed to display that the dog can remain perfectly calm even when walking through a large crowd of people there should be no signs of excitement, worry or aggression from the dog.

As previously mentioned these tests are primarily designed for dog’s entering into the world of dog shows or some kind of work in the community but they are also a good way of owners ascertaining their own dog’s personality.

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