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Give Your Dog A Bone

Many dog owners like to let their dogs have a good old chomp on a bone now and again as they feel it is allowing their pooch the freedom to return to their roots. Dogs are natural carnivores and of course direct descendants of the wolf so there is almost something quite wild and predatory about the domestic dog munching on a bone.

The next question on everyone’s lips will be, “is it safe to feed your dog bones?” Well this debate has been ongoing for some considerable time and there are those dog owners who swear by giving their dog a weekly bone and those dog owners that recoil in absolute horror at the mere thought of their sweet, little pooch chomping on a bone! The choice, as most things, is all down to personal preference having said that though there are some facts which you should be aware of prior to feeding ‘Rover’ a nice, juicy bone.

All bones which have been cooked are potentially dangerous to dogs, the actual cooking process degrades the bone and makes it brittle therefore making it easier to splinter when the dog is chewing it. This is very bad news for the dog because the internal organs can be pierced and the pieces of splintered bone can also become lodged in the dog’s throat.
Raw bones can be fed to dogs but do not leave them unsupervised. The increasingly popular BARF ( bones and raw food) diet for dogs obviously includes bones and the most common ones fed include knuckle bones or poultry necks.

If you are going to feed your dog a raw bone then always ensure you do not allow your dog to keep it on the go for longer than two days as being raw the bone can carry bacteria such as e-coli and salmonella. They will spoil quickly if simply left.

Raw bones act as nature’s very own toothbrush to your dog; whilst they are chewing away they are cleaning their teeth and also massaging their gums.

If you are unsure and do not feel confident about your dog eating bones there are plenty of alternatives such as rawhide products and Pedigree have plenty of items available such as jumbones and rasks.

My Nan always used to go around saying, “if in doubt leave it out” and I never thought much about the saying but it is remarkably true to be honest, if you are at all doubtful about your dog consuming something then you should simply leave it and feed them something you are 100% certain about.

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