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Gaining Respect

When we think of the word ‘respect’ most of us immediately think of children learning to respect their elders but respect plays an enormous part throughout the canine world too; puppies are taught it by their mother initially as she will teach them right from wrong when it comes to nipping and general behaviour. If a puppy nips her too hard she will let it know by letting out a squeal, the siblings within a litter soon learn their place of hierarchy as they all jostle for the position of ‘top dog’.

Now when it comes to owners being shown respect from their faithful friends this can prove a little challenging at times, not impossible but simply tricky.

Spotting the owner with a dog possessing absolutely no respect for them at all is a simple task, just look for the person with the red face and husky voice and the unruly pooch running amok. The person is red in the face through feeling embarrassed and husky voiced through all the shouting they are having to do! If you have to yell at your dog with so much effort that you are losing your voice then surely something is wrong with your relationship, or lack of it.
Yes I know there are times when we all have to raise our voices at our dogs as they simply do not listen to us but this is not displaying a lack of respect but rather a period of selective deafness which all dogs seem to develop!

If you are finding that each and every time your request to complete a command is ignored then it is time to face to truth that your canine chum simply does not respect you and is basically doing whatever he/she wishes. Okay so I am sure the next question on your lips is ‘how do I gain respect?’ well the quickest way is to treat your dog to a non-coercive training programme. If you show your dog kindness but at the same time strength he/she will understand that you are in charge.

Shouting at your pooch during training sessions will not work, sure the chances are that you will probably achieve the same end result and your dog will carry out the command but it will be done through fear and not through the dog simply wishing to obey you through respect. Non-coercive training methods involve training through kindness by repetition and praising and rewarding at the crucial time.

Timing is everything and initially it can seem like a daunting task ahead of you but believe me you will cope. When I went to puppy classes with Murphy, my Border collie, I will always remember the hopeless feeling I experienced when the trainer was telling us to click our clickers, praise our dogs and also reward them at the same time; to me it seemed impossible I mean humans only have the one pair of hands! You do develop a knack though and the kinder training methods really do work when it comes to winning your dog’s respect.

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