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Furry Tails

We all know that our canine friends have fur, well most of them do, but do you know how the fur grows? The hair or fur of all mammals is composed of Keratin which is a protein and also dead skin cells.
The fur grows from follicles within the dermis, this is the inside layer of the skin. A human follicle will only have the one hair growing from it but the follicle of a dog may have several hairs growing from the same one. Most of the actual follicles will possess an oil gland and this maintains the skin’s suppleness and the hair’s strength and smoothness.

Certain breeds of dog that were designed to retrieve objects from the water have excessively active oil glands and they help to keep the dog’s skin and fur waterproof.

In general a dogs fur will have three separate types the undercoat, whiskers and guard hair. The coat that lies against the dog’s actual skin is the undercoat and this grows in several clusters from the one individual follicle. It has a lovely soft texture and works at keeping the dog warm.

The guard hairs are made from a harder texture and are a lot thicker they are also longer than the hairs within the undercoat. The guard hairs are the dog’s primary coat they work to protect the skin from any minor injuries and they also add another layer on top of the undercoat which aids in keeping the dog warm and protected from the cold.

You may have seen the term ‘double coat’ this means that the dog has an undercoat and a primary coat, if a dog is deemed as having a silky coat they have a thinner undercoat or no undercoat at all.

The dog’s follicles on their muzzles and their eyelids are especially deeply rooted and this is where their whiskers grow from. The whiskers act as ‘feelers’ and sensory tools for the dog, if they feel anything against their whiskers they react by moving out of the way or closing their eyes.

So next time you groom your canine chums you can consider all the factors that go into making their beautiful coats the way that they are.

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