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Fun Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Most dogs love to learn something new. It is important for pet owners to teach their dogs basic commands, like sit and stay, in help curb bad behaviors and keep them—and anyone around them—safe from harm. But not everything you teach your dog has to be a command! Dog tricks can be used to help stimulate intelligent dogs that need mental stimulation, to strengthen a bond between a dog and its family—or even in a professional capacity! These tricks aren’t really essential commands, but they can make owning a dog even more fun. Let’s take a look at some fun, interesting tricks that you can teach your dog.

Touch the Bell

touchung the bell

How do you know if a dog has to go to the bathroom? Many pet owners will teach their dog to fetch their leash or sit by the doorway. Or—you could try the bell method. This method will teach your dog to ring a bell whenever they need to go outside. You will first need to teach your dog to touch the bell, which can be done by using a training stick to indicate the bel

Spin Around
l to the dog—when they touch it, reward them with praise and a treat. Once the dog has associated touching the bell with praise and reward, start having the dog touch the bell every time before it goes outside. Soon, the dog will associate ringing the bell as the precedent to taking them for a walk!

This cute trick may not be practical, but it does make for fun bonding time and an adorable trick to show off to friends. To teach your dog to spin around, use a training stick or touch stick guide your dog in a circular motion. Once the dog has made a full turn, reward them with a treat and praise. After this has been accomplished a few times, add a physical gesture—such as spinning your index finger around—while using the training stick. Once your dog is capable of spinning without using the touch stick, add your command to the physical gesture. Keep practicing until your dog is able to spin at your command!

Roll Over

If you ask anyone on the street what the most famous dog trick is, they’ll probably answer (after giving you a strange look, of course): “Roll over!” To teach your dog this popular trick, you will first need to teach your dog to lie down. Then, you can gently move them onto their side using your hand or training stick. Reward them with a treat. Then, using your stick or hand, lure the dog onto their back–this will likely take time and patience for most breeds. Reward them a treat. Continue luring the dog until they have rolled all the way over. Reward with them exceptional praise and a treat. Continue practicing until the dog is capable of rolling over smoothly, and then add the “Roll over” command. It may be helpful to also include a physical gesture, such as moving your hands in a circle.

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