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Fitness Fanatics

So Christmas has now been and gone and if most of us are honest we have probably consumed one or two extra mince pies and chocolates than we should have done! Your canine chum has undoubtedly turned those ‘puppy-dog eyes’ on you and your guests and because it has been Christmas they have worked their charm and now Fido is looking rather chubby!

Right, so what can be done? Well the easy option is to turn a blind eye and pretend that both you and your faithful friend are fine, there is no extra weight and you are still super fit and healthy; yep that is the easy option but we are not taking that route as it is time to turn over a new leaf my friend and time for you and your pooch to have a workout.

Okay before you reach for the legwarmers and trainers let us not become carried away and think we have suddenly joined the cast of Fame. I am talking about gentle fitness fun you can enjoy together with your dog.

Is there an exercise you already do which your dog can join in with? If you go jogging this can also be great fun for your dog but do not expect every dog to take to it quickly, your pooch needs to be introduced to it slowly and do not assume every breed will enjoy running either. The stockier breeds of dog such as Bulldogs will be fine with a slow and short trundle rather than a sprinting 1-2 hour jog, the speed freaks of the canine world such as Springer Spaniels and Border Collies will go on and on and then on some more.

If your pooch joins you on a run then remember to take a water bowl for them, there are numerous collapsible bowls these days which simply fit in a pocket or clip on a belt, even if your dog has a high energy level it is always a good idea to slow the pace now and again or take five and have a short rest.

Cycling is another sport which can be enjoyed by both owner and dog, you can purchase special leads called ‘Biker Set Dog Leads’ and these basically allow you to set a distance between you and your dog; this way your faithful friend avoids being hurt by being too close to the bike. The leads also have the added advantage of keeping you safe and stop your dog from jumping up at you whilst you are on the bike; the same rule applies with cycling as with jogging, introduce your dog to the sport slowly.

Hiking is another way for you both to keep fit. The region that I live in has beautiful moorland nearby and this is brilliant to hike across with the pooches, just set the pace and off you go!

With all the above mentioned activities always start slowly and gently and remember your dog will require a drink along the way and probably a few short rests too. There is no better way to shake off those extra Christmas pounds than alongside your faithful friend, so what are you waiting for?

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