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Firework Misery

It’s the time of year that most dog owners dread as just around the corner is the night that leaves many dogs quivering with fear and their owners fuming at the sound of all the bangs and whistles. There’s nothing worse than seeing your beloved canine chum literally shaking with fright and trying to seek out a hiding place for a few hours away from all the commotion.

There are a few options when it comes to offering your dog some help. The first step is to try and ignore your dog’s fear as the more you fuss the more you’re simply telling your dog that he/she is right to be concerned. If they’re looking for a cosy retreat then let them look, don’t try and stop them from finding a place that they can feel safe in.

Always ensure their last visit to the garden or last walk is prior to it becoming dark, my advice would be not to let them off lead either, as you never know when the fireworks are going to start. The last thing you want is for your dog to bolt through being scared. It always seems a long time before you can let them out again I know but they will be fine and they’ll prefer to wait than be put out when all the fireworks are going off. You can always pop some newspaper down if you’re concerned and if your dog’s that desperate they will use it.

Turn the volume up on the TV or play some music louder than normal, if your dog is happy enough to play a game with you then this is a terrific way to help them forget the noise.

This year I’ve been using a sound therapy CD with my dogs, this can be a drawn out procedure so not advised for a quick fix solution. The CD works on several different levels and begins with desensitisation, basically the firework sounds are played at the lowest level to start with and when you feel your dog has accepted this you increase the volume slowly but surely until the sounds can be played loud without your dog being scared. Then you move on to counter-conditioning by playing the sound in the background whilst your dog is doing something he/she enjoys such as playing or eating.

If you start early enough with the sound therapy method, it can prove to be very successful but as said you have to leave plenty of time before the fireworks begin.

As a last resort some dog owners turn to sedation for their dog if they’re really that bad and not coping at all well but I personally feel this should be the last option to consider as there can be side effects from the medication.

Good luck to all the dog owners out there for the 5th Nov, keep safe and try and keep your pooches as happy as possible.