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Firework Fear

It is the time of year that most pet owners dread, November, as it brings with it the bangs and whistles of fireworks. Dogs in general are terrified of all the noise as their hearing is so much more sensitive than ours. Obviously you will always encounter the exception to the rule and come across the odd dog that really does not know what all the fuss is about!

Puppies are normally not too phased by fireworks as they are too young to understand the concept of fear just yet. If they are under the age of fourteen weeks then pups tend to find it very easy to adjust to all the new experiences that life has to offer. When Murphy was a puppy he would actually stand in the garden and watch the fireworks, quite amused by the whole event, now though he spends his time either with his head shoved underneath a pillow on the bed or hiding behind a chair.

Your dog will pick up on the way that you react; they read us like books at times! When the fireworks start do not fuss your dog, however tempting it is to fling your arms around your dog’s neck and tell him/her that everything is fine, do not because you will only make matters worse.

By doing this you are actually showing your dog that it is right to be frightened and that there is something to fear. The best action that you can carry out is to practically ignore your dog and to continue with your evening as normal.

If your dog chooses to dive under the table or behind the chair then simply leave them there, they have found a safe haven to ‘sit it out’ and are quite happy there. If you insist on pulling them out they will only become frightened all over again and look to hide.

Close all your windows ensure that your dog has been out prior to the fireworks starting, turn the television or radio up and relax. If you are relaxed and calm then the chances are that your dog will follow suit and also relax.

One tip that I use each year and it does seem to work with my own dogs is to feed them a stodgy, meal that is high in carbohydrates during the late afternoon. I use cooked, plain, white rice served with a portion of coley fish. Feeding this type of meal will make your dog calmer and naturally sleepy.

Then I generally play with the dogs whilst a relaxing cd is playing, mine favour Enya! Their minds are taken off the fireworks by playing and it really does seem to work.
There are other options that you can try. You can purchase a cd featuring firework noises; this is a noise association cd. If you are going to go down this road then you need to start playing the cd some weeks in advance, the concept is that your dog will slowly become used to the firework noises.

If it is done early enough then by the time bonfire night arrives your dog should be accustomed to the noise and not be too bothered.

There are many tablet remedies available, most of these are herbal based but again you need to begin administering the tablets some weeks in advance.

Dap diffusers work well for some dogs, dap stands for Dog Appeasing Pheromone. You plug the diffuser in and it emits a scent that is identical to that of a mother dog’s appeasing pheromones three to five days after she has had her litter. The scent is very calming for dogs.

All the methods require starting prior to the fireworks so you need to decide in advance which one you are going to use.

If all else fails and your dog is desperately scared then consult your vet as there are extreme cases where dogs have been tranquillised purely because it is safer for the dog. Some dogs panic so much that they will not stop and this sort of behaviour could possibly lead to them hurting themselves.

Just be calm and be safe on bonfire night and keep your canine friend as comfortable as you possibly can.

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