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Feeding your Puppy

Just like humans, dogs need to eat the right food in order to stay healthy. There are different dog foods available but it doesn’t mean that all of them can help your pet maintain and improve their health. It may be a fact that these foods can ease their hunger but it doesn’t necessarily mean that its content are good for them.

There are times when owners need to consider specific factors when choosing what and how much food is needed by their dog.

What to feed your puppy?

There are different varieties of dog food. There are foods specifically formulated for overweight and diabetic puppies. There are also foods for healthy puppies that will help them maintain and improve their current health condition.

Generally speaking you need to feed your puppy with foods rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. It is also recommended to include vegetables and some fruits in your pet’s diet.

Fresh foods, dry foods, semi-moist food and canned food are the different classification of dog foods. Fresh dog foods are also known as holistic dog foods. Aside from meat, dogs also need nutrients that can only be found in fresh fruits and vegetables. If you’re dog is not comfortable with a “vegetarian-like” diet you can combine pieces of mix meat together with the vegetables to make a full meal. Examples of these foods are meals with no onions, lightly steamed spinach, green beans, carrots, cabbage and potatoes (DON’T serve raw potatoes to your dog), no salt scrambled eggs, sautéed low-fat ground beef, turkey, and chicken.

Dry dog foods offer convenience to the owner when it comes to serving. Feed your puppy with smaller quantities of dry foods because it contains four times more calories per pound than canned foods. This food will satisfy almost all puppies, even the older and diabetic ones.

Semi-moist dog foods have more than three times the calories of canned dog foods. It can provide your dog with a complete and economical diet. Keep in mind that these foods have high carbohydrate content that are good for active puppies.

Canned dog foods are high in protein. These foods can also be a treat for your dog since it comes in different flavors and varieties. Canned foods are recommended for dogs with finicky appetite. It can also be mixed together with dry foods for active dog diet.

How much do you need to feed your puppy?

How much you need to feed your puppy will depend on different factors like your puppy’s age and his body composition. For example, as for age, puppies need at least three meals a day and it can be reduced to two after they reach the age of six months. From six to nine months, adult dog food should be introduced as your puppy’s new diet.

The amount of food you will give your puppies will also depend on his body composition. Since small dogs have smaller stomachs, they tend to eat less in one meal. In order to help them improve their digestion, it is recommended that to feed them at least twice a day. Make sure to consult a veterinarian for specific diet instructions for your pet.

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