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Feeding your dog a raw diet

The nutrition of humans and animals has changed as life developed and many people feel this should never have happened. Dogs and humans used to eat a raw diet and feeding your dog a raw diet might be the best gift you can ever him. There is an endless list of benefits that a raw diet can have on your pet! Within days you will see a difference in his behavior.
When you decide to feed your dog a raw diet you need to do some research first. You cannot throw together any raw diet ingredients and feed it to your animal – they need a proper ratio of all the important nutrients. There are various raw diet recipes you can test and due to all of them containing different ingredients, you should do a Google search and go through it all to find a recipe that your dog will enjoy!

When feeding your dog a raw diet no heat is used to prepare the meal, leaving all the nutrients completely intact. Commercial pet food is heated and a lot of unnatural ingredients and preservatives are added. Some commercial pet food companies have been in the news lately because of animals getting sick when eating their food. By feeding your dog a raw diet he will get a decent amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other important things his body needs.

Feeding your dog a raw diet will eliminate trips to have dental cleanings done. Raw bones clean their teeth naturally and the way it was intended to be done. The bones also help to improve the dogs immune system and they enjoy chewing on a bone and see it as a big treat. Many experts have said that cooking bones changes the composition, the bone hardens and chewing it becomes difficult for your dog. A cooked bone often splinters when they start chewing. This doesn’t happen with a raw bone.

People who have been feeding their dogs a raw diet have reported that there’s a definite change in the animals behavior. They seem much happier and are definitely more playful and energetic. They also save a lot of money on vet bills because the dog’s health improved quite a bit. Many dogs that are fed with commercial food often become overweight and that will cause a whole chain reaction of other problems. Feeding your dog a raw diet will prevent any weight problems.

The raw diet is still a topic that’s debated by many. There’s a large group of people who firmly believe in feeding your dog raw and another group who is completely against it. That is the case with so many things in life which is why it’s best to do your own research and then make your own, educated decision about what exactly you want to feed your dog. Use the internet to read up on commercial pet food and any side effects, do the side with the recipes you get on websites teaching you about feeding your dog a raw diet. Once you have all the information, you will be able to make the right decision.

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