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Fearful Dogs

There are many different reasons why a dog may show signs of fear in certain situations. It might be that something has occurred to them in the past and has now made them very wary or they might simply be a fearful dog.
Very often the smallest in the litter, the runt, will show fear simply because they are the weakest and not the biggest built dog. The initial thing to do is to ascertain why your dog is afraid pay a visit to your vet and ask him to check your dog over. If your faithful friend suddenly starts to act fearful and to this point has been fine then you need to rule out an illness or injury of some sort.

If a dog is aware that it is hurt or ‘not quite right’ then it could react by displaying fear mainly due to the fact that it is worried that its injury could be made worse if it is touched or knocked.

You must accept that your dog may never be entirely the same as other dogs if it is really fearful but you may be able to help it to live in the world comfortably. To begin with you need to acquire your dog’s trust and show them that you are safe, do not attempt to make your dog face its fears as this will only make matters worse.

Learn to actually respect your dog’s fears, they are not silly or senseless they are very real to your faithful friend. If you wish to help your dog then you must show him / her that whatever is fearful at the moment does not have to be fearful in the future.

The main attribute that you will require when working with a fearful dog is patience and lots of it! Simply sit back and observe to begin with and learn from your dog do not rush them or alarm them, in time they will show you what they fear and then you can hopefully assist them to enjoy their life in a more relaxed frame of mind.

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