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Fast Food

If you have a dog which seems to gulp its food down as though it will never eat a meal again then you will know how worrying it is watching them consume their food, you are always holding your breath and praying that they do not choke.

There is a huge difference between the speeds in which my own dogs eat, one is always miles ahead then sits and waits for the others to finish she then kindly checks their bowls to ensure they have eaten all of theirs up! The trait of eating food too quickly is not restricted to any particular breed of dog in particular as it is observed in dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages.

Some breeds of dog are greedier than most and have a bit of  a reputation for their appetites such as the Labrador, this breed seem to consume anything and everything they can find as quickly as they possibly can so they can move on to the next meal! This is not breed specific though so do not panic if you are reading this and your Labrador eats calmly and slowly, it does not mean your dog is weird, just not what is known as a ‘typical’ Labrador.

There are safety measures you can take to ensure your ‘fast food’ faithful friend eats a little slower and actually savours the flavour of his/her food for a change. Do not feed your dog when he/she is excited as dogs tend to eat quicker when they are worked up; ensure your dog is calm before feeding.

Try feeding your dog on a ‘little and often’ programme for a week and see if this makes a difference, instead of feeding once or twice a day try putting 4 or even 5 meals down daily and make the portions smaller.

Feed your dog half of its meal initially and when that has been eaten pop the other half down this just ensures that your dog is not scoffing the whole lot in one go, sure he/she will probably still eat each half quickly but the difference is there will not be a huge amount of food going down quickly.

Purchase your dog an ‘anti-bloat bowl’ these are dog bowls which have 1 or more protruding pieces rising up from the bottom of the bowl, the concept is that the dog has to slow their eating down to a speed that they can eat the food around the pieces. These bowls are a very simple but clever idea. Another way is to place a ball or doggy toy of some sort in the middle of your dog’s food bowl, this will slow their eating down as they will be initially bemused and not sure what to do. Should they eat or should they remove their toy? Many dogs when presented with this situation will eat around the toy which in turn slows them down.

So as you can see there are several options to think about if you have a fast food canine chum sharing your life.

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