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Even More Unusual Dog Tricks (part 2)

Dog tricks can be a great experience for dogs and dog owners alike. Intelligent and easily bored breeds will likely get mental stimulation out of additional trick training, while owners can benefit from practical tricks and enjoy the entertainment and bonding value of teaching a dog more advanced, unusual types of tricks.

In our previous installations, we talked about unusual tricks such as teaching a dog to put laundry away, to play the piano, and even to dance! Now, we will be looking at an unusual trick that is not only interesting and unique, but practical as well.

phoneIt may come as a surprise, but you can actually teach your dog to answer your home phone! Not only is it an interesting trick, it can be helpful for people with disabilities who may have trouble getting up to answer the phone in time. This particular trick is frequently taught to service dogs who work with disabled people, such as those with vision problems or physical disabilities. This trick only works with cordless phones.

If you are disabled or are otherwise unable to train the dog yourself, you may wish to enlist the help of a friend, family member or professional dog trainer.

To achieve this trick, you will need to complete the following steps:

Step One

First, place the cordless phone you will be using in the home on the floor near the dog. Call the phone from another phone and let the phone ring. When your dog directs its attention to the phone, praise the dog and give the dog a treat.

Step Two

After you have rewarded the dog, answer the phone with an excited voice and praise your dog—saying they are “such a good boy/girl,” etc., is typically used. Then hang up the phone. Repeat this action several times until your dog looks at the phone every time that it rings.

Step Three

Once your dog is looking at the ringing phone, begin to pretend like you don’t notice the dog is looking at the phone–in other words, do not praise the dog simply for looking at the phone. This will in turn encourage your dog toramp up their behavior in order to make sure that you’ve noticed they are acknowledging the phone. Reward your dog with a treat and praise when it goes further—such as touching the phone with their paw or nose.

Step Four

Repeat step three until your dog has begun to pick up the phone. This may take several training sessions, as some dogs will take longer than others to get the idea that you want them to pick up the phone with their mouth. When this has been achieved, you can use the “bring it here” or “come here” command to teach them to bring you the phone receiver. Reward them with exceptional praise and treats when this occurs.

Step Five

Practice the behavior until it becomes “natural” for your dog to bring you the ringing phone.

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