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Even More Unusual Dog Tricks

Dog tricks are beneficial to both dogs and dog owners. Dog tricks are an excellent way to keep a dog’s busy mind occupied, which is especially important for intelligent breeds who may get bored easily. Dog tricks can also entertain family and friends while allowing the dog’s owner and family to bond and spend more time with the dog. Common dog tricks include behaviors such as roll over, play dead, fetch, etc. However, there are a number of unusual tricks which show off even more advanced dog behaviors! Unusual tricks, such as teaching a dog to “play” the piano or put dirty laundry in the laundry basket, can be practical or just for fun. Let’s take a look at some even more unusual dog tricks that you can teach your dog.

Dancing DogsNote: Most of these tricks involve using prior commands, such as “drop,” “touch,” “pick up,” etc. You will likely want to train your dog to perform these tricks before embarking on advanced dog trick training.


You won’t be able to teach your dog to do the cha-cha, but you can teach your dog to do a little dance with you! Your dog will enjoy spending time with you and your family will get a kick out of seeing your dog “dance” to your favorite family dancing tunes. This trick works best with large dogs rather than small breeds

To achieve this trick, you will need to first train your dog to stand up on its hind legs. This is typically done by placing a treat by the dog’s noise, raising it while giving the command “Up!” until they stand up. Once this command is achieved, you will need to keep the command going for an increasing amount of time to help your dog keep their standing up stance for a longer period of time.

Then, you will need to gradually teach your dog to walk backward and “follow” you and walk forward so he will back up, thus creating a “dance” like motion. This can be achieved by making encouraging noises when you back up and move forward, such as “kissy” noises or calling your dog’s name in an affectionate way.

Some dogs do not enjoy the dancing behavior. If your dog appears uncomfortable during this training, it is recommended that you discontinue the training, since it is not a practical behavior that needs to be taught

Note: If you have taught your dog to not jump up on people, this trick may send a confusing or mixed message to the dog. If you believe that your dog is becoming confused between the “dance” command and your previous command to avoid jumping on people, discontinue the dancing training.

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