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Entertaining Your Dog

If you are regularly returning home to follow a path of destruction with clothes littered across the floors, slobbered over shoes and kicked up carpets then I think it would be wise to say that your faithful friend is bored and obviously this boredom is heightened when he/she is home alone.
So to put it simply you need to find ways to entertain your dog, now before you reach for the karaoke machine and begin doing your singing and dancing routine in front of your bemused pooch that is not really what I had in mind.

Your aim is to show your dog that there are much better things to do with his/her time than destroying the house, the problem is that to your dog tearing up the house in your absence is considered to be great fun and highly entertaining. It is your task now to come along and persuade your dog otherwise and entice him/her to direct the behaviour elsewhere.

There have been cases where the owners have decided that a playmate is the way to go and acquired a second dog to befriend their original one quite innocently thinking that they will be good company for one another. Now you might strike lucky and find the perfect soul mate for your canine chum or you might be out of luck and simply double your problem. You could now have twice the mayhem happening throughout your home and instead of a path of destruction to follow you now have a whole spaghetti junction to navigate!

An easier option is to purchase some dog toys which encourage your pooch to think. There are numerous ones available, some of the best ones are the type which you pop some dog treats inside and your dog has to work out how to obtain the items of food from the toy. These are great at keeping a dog’s attention because they are generally so intent on the treat that they are not thinking about being destructive.

Ensure that you really exercise your dog prior to leaving him/her at home for any length of time as this will help to settle your faithful friend down. Try your best to pop home at lunchtime not just to let your dog out but to also spend time with your dog, you might not have long but literally a quick ten minute cuddle with you will be cherished by your dog. Too often we are all so busy running around from pillar to post that we tend to forget the important things in our lives and the things which truly matter, such as our wonderfully loyal dogs.

Better still try to limit the occasions which your dog has to be left on their own. If you have to work and this means your dog being left alone a lot of the time then consider a dog sitter/walker. They very often run daily services which usually involve your dog being walked and spending time with the sitter. This way at least your canine chum will receive some company and you will not have to return home to follow the path of destruction!

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