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Easier Vet Visits

Some dogs absolutely adore going to the vets as they enjoy seeing all the people and meeting the other animals in the waiting room, if your dog is like this people immediately envy you and consider that you have an easy task going to see the vet. Over friendly dogs can still prove to be problematic though in their own way, you have to remember that not every single person present in the waiting room is going to automatically be dog friendly.
It is a safe bet that most people in a vet’s waiting room are animal friendly but if you are a cat person and you happen to have your cat with you sitting nicely in his/her basket the last thing you are going to wish to experience is an over enthusiastic pooch who is insistent on saying ‘hello’ to both you and your petrified cat.

Not every person that enters the room will appreciate your waggy tailed companion jumping up and desperately trying to lick their face! Most of the pets waiting to see the vet will be anxious, apprehensive and fearful and they could react badly to your dog simply being inquisitive towards them. Even if your dog is showing signs of wishing to play and only wants to be friendly this could still provoke a bad reaction from another animal. So you can see that owners of over friendly dogs have their share of problems to deal with along the way.

If your dog proves to be a handful on visits to the vet then you can always pop in and ask a member of staff to notify you when the vet is ready to see you and your dog, this way at least you can remain outside with your dog and you will probably be able to enter by another door and not pass through the waiting room.

Muzzles can be used if you are particularly concerned about your dog nipping the vet, your vet will understand as they see lots of dogs in the same position. A dog does not just nip because it is a vicious animal it could be doing it to protect you as you will be by his/her’s side. Dogs feel restricted when they are on a lead so unfortunately your faithful friend is placed in a stressful position from the start.

Take some of your dog’s favourite treats with you, for bribery purposes! Talk to your dog without making a huge fuss of the hole situation as this will only result in making your dog feel worse. The more fuss you make the more your dog thinks that the behaviour displayed is right so your task is to find the middle ground between reassuring your dog but not fussing them too much. Another tip is to pay a visit to the surgery even when you do not have an appointment booked, just pop in to pick up your normal worming tablets or similar. This allows your dog the chance to see that not every visit to the vets has to involve actually seeing the vet.

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