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Ear Problems

Unlike us our canine chums can’t tell us when something is bothering them or they are feeling unwell however they do ‘talk’ to us in their own unique way, all we have to do is observe and interpret what they’re saying!

When it comes to problems associated with your dog’s ears they’ll let you know in several ways. One of the most common ways is for your dog to shake its head. A lot of dogs and puppies shake their heads upon waking, like they stretch, so don’t panic if this is all they’re doing. If they happen to shake their head repeatedly throughout the day then there’s a high possibility of an ear problem being present.

They do this to try to remove something from their ear, perhaps they can feel an item stuck in the ear such as a grass seed or similar or they could have water trapped in the ear if they’ve recently been swimming or had a bath.

Very carefully examine the ear; never stick anything into the ear. You may just be able to discover the problem yourself by simply looking; use a torch if it makes it easier.

Another symptom your dog may display is to tilt their head, usually with the troublesome ear pointing downwards. This is generally an indication of an infection or a build up of wax. If your dog continues to do this seek veterinary help as if left it will only progress to a more serious problem.

Scratching the ear is another sign, dogs scratch and especially so in the hot weather but it’s rare for them to consistently scratch in one area unless something is bothering them. If they’re scratching an ear all of the time then it could be due to ear mites or a bacterial or skin problem.

If you notice a foul smell coming from the ear and an excess amount of wax this is an infection and will require drops from the vet, most ear infections clear up quickly with drops. If you spot any inflammation, soreness or redness surrounding or in the ear this is usually a sign of a skin problem and will need treatment to clear it up. The worst symptom of an ear problem is a loss of balance as this shows any infection has grown steadily worse and will require attention from a vet immediately.

Most dogs’ ears naturally don’t require a lot of cleaning as they’ll generally keep pretty clean by themselves, when you groom them though it’s a good idea to make checking their ears part of your routine. If you become used to what their ears look like normally you’ll be able to quickly spot any abnormalities and deal with them promptly.