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Dream Dogs

Most owners have observed their dog doing strange things in their sleep before; perhaps they will let out an unexpected bark, growl or whine. One of mine scared the life out of me one day as he howled, I am not just talking little squeak no this was a full blown ‘wolf’ howl! He woke himself up by howling and then looked totally confused, which is not a new look for my dog!
Sometimes your dog’s legs will twitch almost as though your dog is running or their tail will mysteriously begin to wag. Now some people say that dogs can indeed dream and some say it is a load of rubbish.

Many scientists actually say that there is evidence to actively support the concept that dogs do have dreams. Research has been carried out using an EEG to test the brainwave activity of dogs whilst they sleep.

The tests have shown that canines are actually very similar to humans when comparing sleep patterns and brainwaves. The same as humans do, dogs enter into a deep sleep stage and during this period their breathing will start to become irregular and they will show rapid eye movements.

It is throughout this deep sleep duration that dogs dream and very often have involuntary movements or spasms. They may even hold their breath for short time spans or breathe heavily.

Research also shows that it is thought that smaller breeds of dogs dream more than larger breeds and in puppies dreaming seems to occur a lot more than in adult, fully grown dogs.

So the ultimate question begging to be answered is, what exactly do dogs dream about? Well the problem is your dog cannot tell you about his / her pleasant dream or nasty nightmare and we cannot pop inside their head to experience their dream with them.

We can therefore only assume what they are dreaming about, chasing toys, squirrels or cats. Perhaps they dream about playing with other dogs or running through the fields. If your dog appears to be dreaming then do as the old adage suggests and ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ your pooch needs his / her sleep just as you do.

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