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Double Trouble

We all know that puppies are adorably sweet, fluffy and innocent so that said what could possibly be better than owning one? Well owning two of course!
This is possibly true but you must consider this seriously before you jump in with both feet and think with your heart and not your head. Puppies involve an incredible amount of work even with the basic training such as toilet training, the problems that you face training one puppy you could stand to face all over again with the second puppy.

Then there is the cost of owning the two puppies. The cost of having two sets of vaccinations, two microchips, two bowls, leads, collars, toys, dog food for two and treats for two it will all add up.

Your time spent with the puppies will double of course, tasks such as training, grooming and exercising will all take a lot of your time.

You could discover that the puppies will form a stronger bond with one another than they will with you; this is because if they have one another for companionship each individual puppy will not be craving the affection and attention from you. This can cause training to be a problematic experience as the puppies will do all in their power to not listen to you and basically play-up together. Puppies are similar to children in the way that they can be angels individually and little demons when put with another one or more!

Now if they will not listen to you during their training sessions then you will eventually own two adult dogs which are out of control, not a good scenario.

Dogs are pack animals and once you have more than the one, single dog in your home you have a pack. There will often be conflicting opinions regarding the pack’s hierarchy status, the two puppies will wish to ascertain their individual position within the pack and this could turn unfriendly with each one jostling for the leader’s position. It might be that one of them has a much stronger character than the other one and will naturally be the leader and the second puppy might well be a more submissive animal and be quite happy to be led and guided through life.

One of the most common reasons for people wishing to have the two puppies together is because they will be company for each other. This might well seem like a valid reason but just remember the extra work involved and also remember that a single puppy will receive your company. A lot of people discover that waiting until their initial dog is a year or so old and then introducing either a second dog or a puppy works better for both them and their first dog.

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