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Dominant Dogs

Just as some people are born leaders and others prefer to follow in their footsteps dogs are the same, some are dominant and like to be in control of everything whilst others are placid and quite happy to just trundle through life.
Dominance in dogs can quickly become out of hand though and before you know it your dog controls the whole household. Now many people think that aggression and dominance are synonymous when actually they are not having said this though the two traits do tend to overlap in many dominant dogs.

You will often witness a dog which has dominant tendencies behave in an aggressive manner towards other dogs within their own ‘pack’ in other words dogs who live alongside them in their home. A dominant dog will generally growl or show its teeth if it wishes another dog to clear its path this is to show that they are in control and that basically they intend to remain that way!

A dog’s level of dominance can vary considerably because some display dominance towards other dogs but not people and others show dominance towards people and not other dogs, then there are the dominant dogs which just seem to display dominant traits to just about everything.

Ideally you should be observed by your dog as the pack leader or alpha this does not mean that you have to be a bully towards your dog actually quite the opposite. Your responsibility as the alpha within the pack is to offer your dog or dogs a safe environment to reside in and to treat them humanely. You should be able to combine authority with compassion, compare it to being a parent and how you would behave towards your children. You show them who is in charge by being firm but fair.

If you feel that your puppy has dominant tendencies it is much better to begin training them out of him/her earlier rather than later. You can teach what is known as functional obedience training at around 10-14 weeks old, by functional I mean commands such as sit and wait in the sitting position and lie down and wait in the lying position. You are looking at teaching your puppy how to carry out commands as this then displays that you are in charge and controlling the situation.

Be positive and train through a non-coercive method as this will gain your puppy’s trust and this is an essential element of any lasting relationship.

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