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Dogs and Their Toys

A toy is a toy there should not be any difference between them and your canine chum will be satisfied with any old dog toy right? Wrong, dogs can be very fussy when it comes to their toys just like children will often prefer to play with the simple things in life such as the box their gift was wrapped in instead of the actual gift itself, dogs are just as finicky.
The size, shape and the overall feel of a toy matters to them, not only this but your dog’s mood can alter from day to day even minute to minute so the toy that your dog selects at the  beginning of a play session will more than likely not be the toy at the end of play.

The soft, plush dog toys are perfect for a quiet lie down and a gentle mouthing session whilst a harder, rubber toy is great for slightly more intense play. Then there are the dog balls and frisbees which are better suited for outside play, as my nephew found out when he broke one of my ornaments recently whilst throwing a ball for one of my dogs in the living room!

Interactive dog games are proving very popular. You can actually purchase board games and puzzles for your dog to complete, the majority of them require the dog to move a piece on the board to reveal a doggy treat. These are great because they encourage your dog to apply some thought instead of simply running after a toy, they have to work out that if they manage to complete a task they gain a reward. The toys are also a wonderful way for you to interact with your pooch, set the game up and plonk yourself on the floor beside your dog and encourage them to have a go.

You might have to subtly show your dog the way by guiding him/her to the pieces. The best way to give your dog a hint is to allow them to see and smell one of the doggy treats underneath the object they need to move and then replace the piece. Dogs are not daft, they might well act it sometimes but generally they are pretty clever and quick to solve problems especially when there is a doggy treat in it for them!

If your dog does not enjoy the interactive board type games then do not panic, they are not for all canines. Just find a dog toy that your faithful friend does like and play with them, that is the key, to actually play a game with your dog as it strengthens the bond between you and ensures your dog’s good health remains.

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