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Dogs and Television

Have you ever caught your dog glued to the television set? Does your dog seem desperate not to miss the latest episode of its favourite soap opera? Well do not panic as your dog has not turned into a complete nutter addicted to television; if he/she has then they join the numerous other canines across the world who also watch television!
As you probably already know your dog’s eyesight and range of vision is completely different to yours, so this begs the question ‘what exactly does your dog see on the big screen?’

Well experts say that dogs will naturally follow movement on the screen and they might even bark if something takes their fancy, dogs do not see the television screen as we do though. Many people assume that canines can only see in black and white this is not strictly true, they do not see colour as we do because they do not possess the same range of colour as us.

A dog’s eye contains fewer colour vision cells than a human’s eye although a dog’s eye has more light and motion detectors than a human’s eye. This gives them a much more limited spectrum than us but they have better night vision than we do. Dogs can observe flickering light where we would struggle, so when they watch a sequence on the television they might even be able to observe each and every separate frame where we would simply watch a continuous scene.

Your canine friend cannot pick out individual items and objects on the screen due to the anatomy of his/her eyes but the shapes and movements on the television catch the dog’s attention.

Another big draw for dogs are the fascinating sounds that are emitted from the television set, because a dog’s hearing is so acute in comparison to ours they hear such an array of sounds that we cannot even dream of hearing. Dogs possess an amazing ability to pinpoint with remarkable accuracy where exactly a noise is coming from so they follow the sound to the television set and there they sit and wait for the noise to occur once again.

Some owners often joke that their dog will never miss an episode of their favourite series as when the music begins to play the dog always run into the room. Well, we will probably never receive a definitive answer to why dogs watch television but one thing we do know for sure is whatever the reason it is certainly an adorable sight to behold!

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