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Dogs and Tablets

There comes a timein every dog’s life when he/she is going to require tablets and generally when this time arrives your dog will be nowhere to be seen, all that will be visible is the dust they have kicked up as they run away!
Now if you have a puppy it is essential that you practise the art of opening their mouth whilst they are still young as this will let them become accustomed to the sensation of you ‘forcing’ their mouth open for tablets to be administered. You should check your puppy’s mouth regularly anyway to ensure their teeth are growing correctly and their mouths are in good shape.

To open your puppy’s mouth gently place one hand on the top of your puppy’s muzzle and press the lips gently together just in the gap lying in front of the carnassial teeth which are positioned in the upper jaw and then slip your thumb behind the large canine tooth on the side nearest to you. Your thumb will be protected by the puppy’s lips. With the other hand open your puppy’s mouth wide by gently pressing down on the incisor teeth with your little finger.

Now simply let your puppy become used to the feeling of you doing this for awhile and then in time touch your puppy’s teeth.

There are certain vitamin tablets available which are specifically designed for puppies and which are very palatable, these are perfect to use to allow your puppy to experience the sensation of a tablet slipping down their throat.

Once you have managed to open your puppy’s mouth pop one of the small tablets as far as back on their tongue as you can and gently stroke the throat, this stimulates your puppy to swallow.

There are tablets that can be crushed into your puppy’s food if all else fails but the majority of the medicinal tablets work more effectively if your puppy takes them whole.
Now when it comes to adult dogs of course their teeth are slightly bigger and administering tablets to them is more daunting! If you have had the dog since puppyhood and he/she is used to taking tablets then it should not be too much of an issue. If the dog is relatively new to you then do not simply try to give it tablets as dogs can be unpredictable and very quick to react.

If you are at all unsure and do not feel confident then ask your vet to show you how to give  tablets to your dog as it is never worth the risk of attempting it yourself.

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